Special Needs Art Program

Art Loft Studio is glad to offer a specialized Art Therapy Program to support those with special needs. Art programs can open up a whole new world for neurodivergent audiences. Art therapy stimulates the brain in different ways, breaking down physiological and emotional barriers that hold students back and allowing them to communicate through art.

Art therapy in our school offers a creative and enjoyable way to communicate without restrictions, without worries of being judged.

Who benefits from Art Therapy?

Art Therapy can benefit people of all ages and abilities, but it can be even more supportive for neurodivergent children, adults struggling with mental health conditions, or those who experienced trauma, stress, depression, etc.

The Special Needs Art Therapy Program at Art Loft Studio is developed to provide specialized support for:

  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) – creating art stimulates the brain, and produces higher levels of dopamine. For those with ADHD, increased dopamine levels improve concentration. Exploring their creative side through art also elevates serotonin and reduces stress and anxiety, which are often comorbidities for those living with ADHD.
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) – students in the Autism spectrum often experience communication challenges. Art offers an alternative way for expression for those who find it hard to express thoughts and feelings verbally. It also gives students the opportunity to connect with others on an emotional level within their comfort zone.
  • Learning Disability – art therapy supports those with learning disabilities by stimulating different areas of the brain, facilitating development of fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination and finger dexterity. Art programs also help those with learning disabilities build self esteem, confidence, and a sense of achievement.

How Art Therapy helps those with Special Needs?

There are many benefits associated with participation in Art Programs. Art Therapy has specialized applications and benefits for those with special needs.

Creative Expression & Communication
Participating in art programs promotes freedom of creative expression, which helps students to relax and think differently. Engaging in art programs gives students with language limitations a channel for expressing themselves and communicating their feelings.

Self Confidence
Art can be enjoyed and created by people of different abilities and its subjectivity makes it so there is no right or wrong, and no option for “failing.” The process of creating something without being judged incepts a sense of accomplishment that helps students with special needs develop independence, confidence and self esteem.

Self Awareness
Art engages the mind, body and spirit. It can lead to self-discovery of students’ emotions. Art Therapy can help students who struggle with anxiety, social skills, emotional regulation, and many other conditions develop self awareness as they express their feelings through art. It makes it easier for them to face their emotions, as well as communicate and process them.