About Us

Art Loft Studio is a studio and art gallery in Vaughan, Ontario. Our individualized programs are tailored to develop fine arts competency while exposing students to the therapeutic benefits of artistic expression.

Our children programs support cognitive and emotional development in children and youth, enhancing their academic skills and providing them the opportunity to explore their creativity, while improving self-awareness, focus, concentration, problem-solving and communication skills. Our instructors also work with children to develop self-confidence and self-esteem while reducing anxiety and stress.

Our adult programs provide the opportunity to explore and develop artistic skills, while reducing stress and anxiety and creating space for artistic exploration. We provide a safe and friendly space for you to connect with yourself, explore creative outlets, and find relief from the daily stresses of adult life.

We believe everyone can be an artist, and that art is a magical way to express ourselves, leave our mark on the world and communicate that which can’t be put into words.

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Ana Maria Mancuso

How we started

Art Loft Studio was founded in 2019 by Ana Maria Mancuso with the goal of igniting the passion for art in children and adults in Vaughan, Ontario.

From a very young age Ana Maria found passion in art. She loved experiencing the artistic soul of each place she visited and exploring the inner artist in people around her.

In art, she found inspiration, expression and peace. Learning first hand the benefits of artistic expression, Ana Maria dedicated herself to creating a space where children and adults can discover their inner artist, develop artistic skills and take advantage of the many therapeutic benefits of art programming. And so Art Loft Studio was created.

More about Ana Maria Mancuso

Since Art Loft Studio opened its doors 4 years ago, as the owner and creator of Art Loft Studio, she has been part of the teaching process of Adults and Kids as an assistance which has given her the experience and knowledge to teach young kids ages 4 to 6 years old. She also worked as a Special Interest Program provider to York Region District School Board for kids grade 1 to 4.

She’s been an assistant to talented tutors, and she has been primarily responsible for assisting the youngest students in classes.

She will continue to be working according to the lesson plan set forth by the main tutor focusing on pencil control, shape design, colour mixing and composition.  Essentially the fundamentals that will set the students up to grow their art skills and prepare them for the next level.

She has experience providing own step by step lessons to help young students learn the foundation of artistic expression.

She work with the art tutors to create the curriculum that they offer for both Kids and Adult Art Classes.

She’s passionate about teaching young kids and help them develop as young artist. She’s patient and foster each student learning abilities and help them develop confidence by encouraging and supporting them.

Ana Maria Mancuso

About Raffi Anderian

He is a Canadian artist based in Richmond Hill Ontario and best known for his award winning artwork during his 28 year tenure as illustrator for the Toronto Star Newspaper. His fine art pieces are in private and corporate collections.

He initially started painting landscapes when he moved to Richmond Hill from downtown Toronto in 2002 with his young family to a home with a studio. Here I started painting landscapes and cityscapes in oils. He had travelled coast to coast throughout Canada, but prefer painting locations closer to home. He had produced small oil on panel sketches, such as his popular “Raffi’s Toronto” series. These were published monthly in the Toronto Star Newspaper from 2014-2017. Thousands of fine art prints and yearly calendars from these paintings have been sold to Star readers. He has also been commissioned to paint much larger works in oil on canvas for private collectors of his work.

About Kristine Parungao

Kristine is a graduate of the Seneca animation program, majoring in 3D character animation and has also spent some time in graphic design school.

She has had a passion for drawing since she was very young, and has a fascination for creating stories through animation, illustration and music.

Ana Maria Mancuso
Ana Maria Mancuso

About Paul J. Paradiso

Paul is a secondary school teacher who loves to teach art to teens and adults. Before teaching, he attended OCAD University where he studied art and design. For many years he worked professionally as a commercial illustrator and designer, as well as in the publishing and printing industries.

He believes that art education promotes healthy cognitive and emotional development during the teen years. His motivation as an art instructor is to see artists of all ages and skill levels overcome hurdles and discover their potential.

About Requel Valente

Raquel is an artist studying at Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology for Animation. She strives for her work to entertain and enchant her audiences. She draws inspiration from her day-to-day life and studies, and applies this creative vision in illustration, painting, and animation.

She co-animated The Academic Wellness Project videos for York University. Currently, she is a teacher’s assistant at Art Loft Studio for ages four to seven.

Ana Maria Mancuso